Two MQ interns were recently hosted by the IFPH Explorers, let’s hear about their experience…

Macquarie University Interns with the IFPH

During the first semester of 2023, Macquarie University Undergraduate student Tamsin Martin and Imogen Less interned with the IFPH Explorers. They chose to work with the Explorers to pursue their interest in public history and did a great job! Listen to them discuss their work here:

Tasmin recently discussed with Jimena Perry her experience, the work that she produced on social media and the IFPH blog, and her understanding of public history. Tamsin understands public history as:

the democratisation of history. It increases the accessibility of history to audiences which may not be able to access or be interested in accessing university education. It’s a way of experiencing history outside of the academic sphere exclusively, and it can allow for the histories of communities to be told which, as of yet, have been left out of the historical canon. Relating to me specifically, public history is allowing for the history of the LGBTQIA+ community to be told by and for the community, in a more easily accessible way than through the academic field, which is a form of public history I hope to be contributing to. I absolutely see the value of academic history and I think that any form of historical study should be prioritised, including those that reach a wider audience than those who can access a university education.