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Public Sport History and Community Sport

Tues 5^th^ December 2023, Macquarie University


8.30am – 8.50am: Arrival/ Coffee and Tea

8.50am – 10.00am: Keynote – Guy Hansen

Grassroots: Community sport collections at the National Library of Australia

10.00am – 11.30am: Memory and Sporting Public Histories

Caroline Allied Health & Human Coming full circle Adams & Performance, University
Richard of South Australia
———— ————————- ——————————– Taylah Evans History & Archaeology, Improving boys mentally, Macquarie University morally, and physically: A history of the Police Citizen's Youth Club (PCYC)

Sarah Political Science, Participatory archives and sport Gensburger CNRS-Sciences Po + public history et al Sociology & Sport
Department, CNRS-Paris
Nanterre University

Tammy Gordon History, North Carolina Kisshomaru Ueshiba, historical State University memory, and the internationalisation of aikido, 1948-1984 ———————————————————————–

11.30am – 11.45am: Coffee and Tea

11.45am – 1.00pm: The GLAM sector and sport

Rob Hess, Kirby Olympic and Paralympic History, Heritage and Fenwick, Kasey Research Centre, Material Culture … Symons & Bess Victoria University + Netball Victoria Schnioffsky Swinburne University + RMIT University
——————– ———————- ————————— Alexandra Mountain Archives manager, The Glory Years: the West Society of Australian Australian Football League Genealogist during the 1970s and 1980s

Aaron Viernes History, University of Memorialisation, the Philippines - nation-building and Diliman sporting celebration: the Araneta Coliseum as a site of memory ———————————————————————–

1.00pm – 1.30pm: Lunch

1.30pm – 2.45pm: Creative, Community and Collaborative Public Sporting History

Ian Berger Transport for NSW/ The hoplitodromos and the Ancient History & Society for the Revival of Sports Science, the Nemean Games University of
——————– ———————- ————————— Greg Blood Independent scholar Development of Sporting Street Art in Australia

Gary Osmond & Murray Human Movement & Indigenous sport histories: Phillips Nutrition Sciences, Cherbourg's Marching Girls University of and the co-creation of Queensland public history ———————————————————————–

2.45pm – 3.00pm: Coffee and Tea

3.00pm – 4.15pm: The Archive and Sporting Public Histories

Katrina Archivist, York Representing the grassroots Cohen-Palacios University history of women+'s sports on Wikipedia ——————– ———————- —————————- Jane Hunt Australian Studies, From motions to missions: Bond University Interrogating sport organisation Annual Reports as works of public history

Tony Naar Facilitator, Australian Paralympic Australian Paralympic History project History project